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Home >> Marine Aquarium sightseeing guide

Marine Aquarium

Marine AquariumShanghai Ocean Aquarium is located in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China, 1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, near the Oriental Pearl Tower. Star Accor Group from Singapore and China Poly Group, a joint investment from $ 50 million to build a building area of 20,500 square meters. In February 2002 open to the public, an annual average of tourists from around the world more than one million people, was awarded the national and Shanghai, popular science education base title. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium building unique, distinctive features of China Yangtze River biological, ecological zones, from the terms of the scale, has become one of the world's largest man-made saltwater aquarium.

Shanghai tour to Ocean Aquarium is a modern large marine aquarium with world-class standards. Spanning five continents through the water, which is Shanghai Ocean Aquarium show theme. There are 28 large-scale museum exhibition area of biological topics, sub Asia, South America (Amazon), Australia, Africa, cold, polar, sea, ocean depths of eight exhibition. Pyramid shape building layout, the whole building from the main building and auxiliary aquarium floor consisting of two buildings, the main building of the specific distribution layers : the first layer : in the lobby, ticket office, gift shop and restaurant; visiting tourists from the first floor entrance take the escalator directly to the third layer begins to tour the aquarium; second layer: has 20 display tanks and penguin exhibition center, into Australia, Africa, cold, Antarctic sea five exhibition. Tourists visiting the second floor directly after the escalator down to the ground floor; Third layer: with a VIP hall (located in the pyramid), science classrooms, waterfalls, creeks, seven show pool, into Asia, South America, Australia, three galleries. Tourists visited the third floor down to the second floor by the escalators; ground floor : the main aquarium, deep sea exhibition. Visitors walk into a tunnel automatically after passing through a volume of 650 cubic meters of water a large screen display tank and tunnel, and finally by the tunnel exit back to the first layer of the gift center and restaurant, complete the tour journey.

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