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Home >> Zhujiajiao Bridge Released sightseeing tours

Zhujiajiao Bridge Released

Zhujiajiao Bridge ReleasedBridges, water, people, is the essence of the ancient town of Zhujiajiao. If the water compared to Zhujiajiao beautiful hair, then the bridge is on the hair seemingly casual Hosta.

Zhujiajiao released rainbow bridge across the canal at Port River, south side of bridge of Zhujiajiao Town, Kunshan Jingting Gean, was five-hole arch, a total length of 70.8 meters, 5.8 meters wide, 7.4 meters high, is the longest in Shanghai, the largest, highest five-hole stone arch bridge, Fitch said, the first bridge in Shanghai.

Bridge released the Ming Dynasty (1573-1620), heavy Jiaqing seventeen years (1812). Compact structure, beautiful shape, length, such as band, shaped like a rainbow, China Shanghai tour well with the rainbow is one of the beads inside (Zhujiajiao) Ten. Bridge released by definition, is released from the good turn deserves another. Alluvial fundraising bridge monks who had prescribed under the bridge restricted release turtles, and not scattered net fishing.

Now the bridge gantry stone, engraved dragon eight, surrounded by pearl, lifelike image. Bridge welcoming top four lions, looking upward, mouth, naive. Bamboo look middle column, central inlaid carved stone bridge. Rectangular plate Qiaolan corners Fang Zheng, angular. Eastbound pavilion built for pedestrians rest, waterfront building stone barge, chisel to lock cable holes used for Vessels moored. The whole Ishibashi unique, magnificent momentum. Gordon bridge temporary high standing top of the bridge, overlooking the near Hope, canals and panoramic view. Standing on top of the bridge every July Nianqi shake look Clippers, the hustle and bustle of the majestic momentum faction memorable.

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