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Home >> Tianyahaijiao Scenic Area travel information and tour

Tianyahaijiao Scenic Area

Tianyahaijiao Scenic AreaSanya ends of the earth Scenic (itinerary) westbound along the waterfront in Sanya City and 26 km to reach the Maling Mountain, is the ends of the earth spectacle. Visitors to this, it seems to the end of heaven and earth.

In ancient times, blocking traffic, the bird will take half a year away, the Qiongdao, sparsely populated, barren and desolate, a feudal dynasty in exile Ni Chen of the land. People who come here, come and go nowhere, looking disappointed sea, so that the ends of the earth. Song Ming Chen Hu Quan lamented a mere Miles Wandering Road, smoke weed if positive Lethal. Starling Tang Dynasty prime minister to use the one to one thousands of miles, thousands of thousands not yet, the poem poured disgrace fate. Here are recorded in history Demotion Ni Chen 's tragic life, through generation of literati inscriptions painted, and has become full of mystery famous tourist attraction. Here the blue sky and sea, Yanbo voluminous, Sails little, coconut trees, stone buildings, that is engraved with : End of the World, cape, pillar, Hainan Nan Day and other rock Xiongzhi seaside, so that the whole scenic picturesque, America has close wins, according to records, End of the World Inscription, prefect of the Qing Dynasty Yongzheng cliff Cheng Zhe book.

Southern pillar is said to be the Qing Xuantong years cliff Van ladder to know the state of the book. Pillar There are legends of origin. Legend has it that a long time ago, there are two fairies Lingshui sneaking down to earth after that, the conduct in the South China Sea for the local fishing means fishing aircraft. Queen Mother angry and sent them back Thunder Thunder mother caught two refused, as bimodal stone, is split into two parts, one truncated at LeAnn near the sea, a length flew beside the horizon, becoming today's Southern a column.

China Sanya tour is now also built in the ends of the earth have scenic beach, the Diaoyutai and offshore yachts and other facilities, an imitation of classical architecture and modern architectural style with traditional knot garden brought End of the World Shopping Village, End of the World roaming area, End of the World Gallery End of the World national customs Park, End of the World famous statue of history and stand in the Cape area, dizzying, unforgettable. Near fire station, Sea Point Pavilion, Huai Su Pavilion and winding mountain consisting of multi-level resort.

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