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Home >> Sanya The First Market tourist information

Sanya The First Market

Sanya The First MarketSanya is the first market to buy a place to save money, but also the Sanya market the most popular commercial district, up to more than 600 meters of the shopping street is also a pedestrian street in Sanya. They have everything here, if daily life products, food candy, stationery, clothing, home appliances and even medicines. Sanya snacks, tropical fruits also make you confused, and the price is very cheap. The night market is crowded in the evening, the price is lower too scary, but you can bargain them!

China Sanya tours to the first market in the most bustling and lively neighborhood is Hongqi Street this paragraph. Up to a few hundred meters of Hongqi Street, was one of the first things that the market is going north and south sections designated branch. Mainly in the north section of the main wholesalers conduct business, such as Hainan native products wholesale, video wholesale, wholesale household merchandise, medicine and health products wholesale and so on. Mainly in the southern section of the main clothing, gather in Sanya City, the major clothing stores and stores, such as slave Bin, Li Dasi, leisure space and other brands. So many young men and women come to the local shopping for clothes, the clothes here not only the brand but also much cheaper.

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