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Home >> Wild Boar Island travel information and tours

Wild Boar Island

Wild Boar IslandWild boar is located southeast of Hainan Island Sanya Yalong Bay to the south, has a radius of about one square kilometer island on the sea two nautical miles from the coast, named boar Island. The rocky island, which has a stone image of the wild boar, hence the name. Just take visitors on a rental boat ( boat ), a few minutes, then up to the island to enjoy the scenery of the island, diving underwater world.

Legend has it that a long time ago, the island has a lot of wild boar, have two young chiefs, martial arts high, good to find traces of each hunt is a rewarding experience. Autumn nights a year, while two young patriarch missing, leaving two messy pool of blood and giant boar hoof prints. All others are considered to be the king of the wild boar, two young martial arts patriarch still has killed. Well, who could beat the boar king? The capacity crowd sights warrior brother, Wang Yung brother was getting ready to defeat the boar. He find Antiaris poison, manufacturing restrained sharp teeth of wild boar treasure fork, accelerate learning martial arts technique, a full three years to prepare, the third year of Mid-Autumn Festival, he confidently marching towards the island, go kill that V a wild boar king. Wild boar king was alarmed, came out against the two sides to start a battle, from the North Island South Island immediate concern, immediate concern from the West Island, North Island, killing Tianhundian straight. Although Yung brother martial arts, but still can not defeat the king of the wild boar, while Yung brother feel powerless about to fall on the occasion, the king of the wild boar to stop attacks, vomit hide.

The original king of the wild boar and the East Island Huwang years, loafing on the West Island is a good friend, frequent meetings, Sanya tours discussions looking fruit cents thing, the king coincidental result boar eat fruit cents, Huwang and loafers informed by the suspect Wang boar after the exclusive fruit cents but does not reveal a grudge, and suffer reborn, reborn in the parents of two old patriarch patriarch of the occupied, take the time to lead the tribe of wild boar king of the Islands to the island massacre descendants Xiehen boar king, the king of heaven 3 boar days, the world is three years, so he returned to see all the children and grandchildren were killed, they killed Huwang huff loafers.

Although the capacity to kill his brother on the island, but he was the brother of the British- tolerance behavior of the move, get yourself an elixir prolonged practice of tolerance half brother to recover the body, and the other half to his most beloved daughter of the eighteenth millet, my daughter will become the elixir served half a person, married capacity brother, the king lost the elixir of wild boar and become fossils, still stands on the island so far this giant boar stone.

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