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Home >> Masan Stone Forest sightseeing guide

Masan Stone Forest

Masan Stone ForestJimo Masan Stone Forest is located about seven kilometers west of Jimo Masan, connected by four hills composition, shaped like a saddle, so called Ma On Shan, the highest peak 211 meters above sea level. 1984 was approved by the State Council as a national nature reserve

Mountain to andesitic porphyry mainly grayish green, taupe, China Qingdao tours stone carving for quality construction. Southwest Mountain tetragonal columnar joints, plant section of about one meter, about 30 meters high, arranged in a compact, straight upright, like a dense forest, spectacular, named Masan Stone Forest. The value of its geology, its size bigger than Nanjing six pillars, and comparable to the United States the devil tower of basalt columnar jointed basalt body comparable. Ma also buried the surrounding rich petrified wood petrified wood petrified wood such domestic areas with the largest burial Machuan protect the most intact, quantity, size are rare in the country, India has an important scientific and ornamental value. Its value, however, is larger than the size of Masan Stone Forest Nanjing Liuhe County stone size, also more magnificent. If developed properly protected, fully American famous Devil's Tower columnar jointed basalt body comparable.

Masan is also buried in the surrounding rich petrified wood. Several million years ago, Masan area is a vast woodlands, geological affected by a large number of trees buried in the ground, longstanding fossilize. Such petrified wood, the scientific name petrified wood, a few tens of centimeters in diameter, were more than 10 meters high, its shape, texture and trees is no different, it has petrochemical. Such petrified wood to Masan area buried up to the number, size are rare in China, has important scientific and ornamental value.

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