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Home >> Laoshan Scenic Area sightseeing tour

Laoshan Scenic Area

Laoshan Scenic AreaKnown as sea mountain first in the Yellow Sea, Qingdao Laoshan, peak 1133 meters, it pulled the sea standing, Shanhai linked insurance male mountain gorge, water Hsiu odd, since ancient times, known as the fairy cave house The Sixth House. Qi Ji also Tarzan, although cloud height, as East Laois records. Qin and Han Dynasty former boarding mountain search cents, the emperor has sent into the mountains refining drugs, literati celebrities are left in this tour track, known as the world is all true Taoist second jungle. Prime Time has nine palaces, eight concept, seventy Um, Laoshandaoshi is famous. Strange rocks mountain cave, springs waterfall, winding paths. Human and natural landscape illuminated Laoshan, 1982 by the State Council as one of the first batch of national key scenic spots, and was identified as a national forest park Forestry. Qingdao tour to Laoshan is now into the national 4A scenic spots can be divided into central, southern and eastern third line, its varied scenery.

1989, Laoshan Scenic Area Administration Committee was established on the Laoshan tourism resources protection, development played an important role. At present, the total area of Qingdao Laoshan Scenic Area 446 square kilometers, the Kyoho, runny supernatant, too pure, stone chessboard, Bunostomum, North nine water, Wah House, Deng Ying nine scenic spots and Shazikou, Wang and Zhuang, North House, xiazhuang, cherish town five scenic areas and the outer Luhai Jing restore point three parts. In recent years, Laoshan planning to open a southern route, east, middle three tours, the construction of too pure, Yang mouth, Wah House three lifts, and opened up a sea tour routes. Now, in order to become a tourist resort Laoshan focus on China's famous tourist scenic spots.

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