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Home >> Golden Sand Beach sightseeing guide

Golden Sand Beach

Golden Sand BeachGolden Sand Beach is located in the southeast of Qingdao Development Zone, south of the Yellow Sea, crescent stretching things a total length of over 3500 meters, 300 meters wide. Because the level of clear water beach sand as fine as powder, color such as gold, so get the Golden Sand Beach of this famous name. Golden sandy beach is China's smallest, largest and one of the most scenic beaches, loved by its people dubbed Asia's First Beach reputation.

For Qingdao tour to Golden Sand Beach, one of the most talked about is that it's Sands. There is a beautiful legend: In ancient times there is a golden phoenix birds flew to heaven to attend the event, when arrived bibowanqing, Fishermen waves of Jiaozhou Bay, the relaxed and happy, the music does not think of returning home, wings fall Jiaozhou Bay, today's incarnation of the Phoenix Island, passing her wings gorgeous place, it becomes a fine sandy color such as gold, golden beaches.

There is a sea Shiwa, head east end of the West, with the ebb and flow looming, called stealth Shiwa. Qing Dynasty poem: Dragonflies sea islands wan Okuma, Tsang Mang million dump water the heavens opened, such as the roar shaking Chaosheng mountains, the suspect is the general public to own.

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