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Home >> Xuanwu Lake Park travel information and tours

Xuanwu Lake Park

Xuanwu Lake ParkNanjing Xuanwu Lake Park is located in Nanjing city, at the foot of Zhongshan National Scenic Area, Jiangnan three Xuanwu Lake, the site is the largest southern city park. Ming towering walls, beautiful Jiuhua Mountain, surrounded by antique jimingsi his right, covers an area of ??472 hectares, of which 368 ha water, land 104 hectares, is the place of monuments of the ancient capital of Nanjing, is the city's largest integrated culture and entertainment rest park.

Xuanwu Lake Park Sang ancient name, has been fifteen hundred years, is the intrusive body weakness and faults broken parts in the magma lake after lake formed by weathering and erosion development history is much broader than the existing. Name Xuanwu early called post- Lake or North Lake because the lake is named after the location of Xuanwu Lake is located just Zhongshan Yin, speaking residents in Nanjing city, this mountain lake called back, of course, after the lake ; regards the origin of the name North Lake, it is because the Six Xuanwu bit north of the capital, named North Lake Nature has its name basis.

Xuanwu Lake in the distribution of five oases, Nanjing tour formed five spots. One for Central America, into the Central Island, blue beat waves. Fine Yiyi, a breeze, like smoke swirling, it is Central Island Yan Liu, said. Among them, the full beauty of the southern waterfall rockery gardens, where the relics of the Song Dynasty Stone Flower Gang Taihu composition of the boys worship the Goddess of Mercy Things are particularly spectacular. Second, cherry Chau, Chau Ying Chau embrace in the ring is surrounded by water Zhongzhou Island. Chau planted cherry blossoms in early spring, flowers, known as cherry Island flowers. Three of Ling Chau, Chau Tung verge of Zhongshan, there are thousands of non- a -like cloud, the Zhongshan Yun Xia, therefore, Ling Chau Sam Rainsy reputation. Four Leung Chau, Leung Chau opened the earliest, most wins in a scenic Island of Wuzhou. The annual Juzhan, traditions and spectacular, it is Zhou Liang Qiu Ju in the world. Five for the Green Island, Green Island scenery secluded, unique. Long Beach lying wave, green belt around the burn. Pines, cypresses, tender willow, Dan Zhu, constitute Chui Chau cloud tree features. Wuzhou between Xuanwu Lake, the bridge embankment interlinked, unique of its victory. Xuanwu Lake Park, water, land transportation unique. There are boats on the water, myself and boats, luxury ferries ; French -style train ride comfortably on land, vision.

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