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Home >> Qinhuai River travel guide and tour

Qinhuai River

Qinhuai RiverHair from bleaching water and Jurong East Lushan Mountain, from east to west, murmuring to walk through the southern Nanjing, but also into the Yangtze River along the northwestern fortress. Qinhuai River is a tributary of the Yangtze River, the ancient name "Huai", whose real name is "Ryuzo Pu." According to legend, when Emperor East tour, Jinling Wang Ziqi leapt over, that the king was angry, so the "chisel side of the mountain, breaking a long ridge of the ditch, into the river," who mistake this water is opened by Qin, so called "Qinhuai. "

"Southern Belle, the Jinling imperial state," the city of Nanjing Qinhuai River is the famous "ten Qinhuai", "Liuchaojinfen" place. Its quaint and beautiful scenery on both sides, many of the cultural historical site of the ancient city of Nanking embody the ancient style.

Nanjing Qinhuai River is the cradle of ancient civilizations. Far in the Stone Age, the basin there is human activity. From East to West Water shut off the water along the river on both sides of Soochow been a bustling downtown residential area. Six Dynasties become famous families living in the land, merchants, scholars atmosphere, Confucianism heyday. Sui and Tang dynasties, gradually fading, but attracting countless literati poet come here to pay homage, chant "old Former Yan Wang Xietang, flying into the homes of ordinary people." To the gradual recovery of the southern Song Dynasty cultural and educational center. Ming and Qing dynasties, is ten Qinhuai heyday. Powder tower, row upon row; boats Limbo, plasma sound lamplight constitute a dreamlike beauty spectacle. Qing Dynasty did not, China tour of Nanjing within the Qinhuai River is declining, no longer busy, until 1949, the Qinhuai River in Nanjing on a large scale dredging governance, focusing on the development of the Qinhuai scenery, ancient Qinhuai River and rejuvenated.

Length of 9.6 within the Qinhuai River village, known as "ten Qinhuai" is the essence of Qinhuai scenery, water off the east coast there were ruins park, Qinhuai Shuiting, peach leaf crossing, Egret Island Park, Jiangnan Examination, Cui Yuan Park, Wang Xiean Memorial, Li Xiangjun former residence, Zhan (Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum), Qin Dashi residence, former residence of Shen Manzo, Zhonghua Gate Urn and other tourist and cultural attractions.

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