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Home >> Lixiangjun Former Residence tourist guide

Lixiangjun Former Residence

Lixiangjun Former ResidenceOne of the former residence of Li Xiangjun Qinhuaibayan named Mei Xiang House, located Qinhuai River to the laiyanqiao southern end. House for the three houses of the Ming and Qing style house building, brick. The yard is not large, but many art collections, including calligraphy, painting, carving couplets, rockery garden statues and Lin Xiaojing, stone brick, mural hanging lights, highly ornamental value. Nanjing Mei Xiang outside the building first attracted visitors interested in is the bridge between the meridional piece frame Xiangjun House and Confucius Temple on the river. This bridge was built on the Earth due to the meridian, so every fifteen lunar full moon night, the bridge on both sides of the river reflected the moon are two semicircles. This is the wisdom of the ancients is also a miracle today, many of Qinhuai beautiful elegance.

Nanjing Mei Xiang front with a pair of antique couplet: Huarong and jade, chivalrous co Bing, China Nanjing tours which is the pure and noble but strayed into the Red Prostitutes most realistic portrayal. Li Xiangjun is Qinhuai a bright pearl, and their descendants have visited those sites Mei Xiang floor by several generations without a break. Qinhuai courtesan class women in the origin of the reason why people admired, not in its lilies and roses, but that she has a strong sense of justice, patriotism and noble sentiments, cynical, showing commendable spirit. The unstained, Qing Lian without demon, dependents pregnant homeland, Qinhuai District People's Government in literary masterpiece Peach Blossom Fan content-based, fixed Mei Xiang floor.

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