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Home >> Laojunsan Scenic Spot travel information and tours

Laojunsan Scenic Spot

Laojunsan Scenic SpotLuoyang City, Henan Luanchuan Laojunshan area is located three kilometers east of Luoyang, Henan Luanchuan, was the peak of the Qinling Mountains Funiushan eight hundred years, elevation 2200 m, formerly known as King room mountain. After the result of the Western Zhou Chao keep possession chamber History Lier this hermit practice, and was revered as a Lao Taoism was renamed Emperor Laojunshan followed so far. Clouds, is a great spectacle Laojunshan, while the tripod head Laojunshan clouds when the clouds are. When clouds appear, looking ahead, cloud cover thousands of miles, fog lock Wan Feng. Standing like a boundless expanse of blue sea, a similar move if the static Verde looming, like sails actually crossing, Bai Ge go. Especially when under the shade of clouds on sunny spectacle appears, sea to the horizon days for shore, extreme mountain top peak human. Dual beauty of mountain view of the sea will make people feel good, a myriad of thoughts. Thus, thousands of years, Ding has been attracting numerous visitors clouds sightseeing.

Peak too pure concept built in the Northern Wei Dynasty, rebuilt ancient Tang Dynasty Yuchi Jingde supervision had rebuilt most prosperous Ming, iron rafters, iron tile, magnificent, thousands of years, has been Henan, Shaanxi, Anhui, Hubei and other places Central public pilgrims worship Taoist shrines. In recent years, the southeast coast of pilgrims come here, only Kaohsiung, Taiwan Kowloon eight wind pilgrims who reached the monastery each batch of hundreds of people of the congregation. Laojunshan forceful, stop hilltops, looking around, looking to the West Que Qin, Chu Nan Wang, Beitiao Dragon, East bird's-eye view of Shaolin. Literati poet admired for more than Laojunshan, Xie Zhen Ming Dynasty poet once lamented Laojunshan beauty and the majestic Mount Tai, Huashan Mountain, Lushan hazy peaks of Huangshan, 72 Junshan wonders Know? Today the old Junshan has become an ideal tourist, summer resort. Laojunshan convenient transportation access and strong, 148 kilometers away from Luoyang Airport, near Los Luan fast-track, Luoyang tour to three cement paved area within 13.5 km highway, pedestrian trails 34 km.

Laojunshan area supporting facilities, to meet the tourists food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment and a variety of requirements, shopping plaza, not only the county a total of mushrooms, fungus, walnuts, corn grits and other local specialties, but also according to Historical Records Sima Qian 's description of I I like bull riding, and I based Luyi hometown in Henan, Henan Luanchuan Laojunshan, Lingbao, Henan and Shaanxi Zhouzhi Hangu Pass and White Cloud Temple in Beijing and other experts who pointing, after the two set out Yao Shi Lao Golden Statue. April 25, 2003, Laojunshan tour loop is completed, the official foreign tourists, has become a set of Central Plains landscape landscape and Taoist culture as one of the iconic spots.

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