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Home >> White Horse Temple tour guide

White Horse Temple

White Horse TempleWhite Horse Temple in Luoyang is located about 18 kilometers east of the city, was the first temple built after the introduction of Buddhism to China. So the White Horse Temple is the birthplace of Chinese Buddhism dating back more than 1900 years of history. In 1961 the State Council announced the White Horse Temple is one of the national key cultural relics protection units.

According to legend, Han Yongping years (67 years) one night years, the Han Emperor Ming had a dream, the dream of a tall, burly, covered with glittering Jin spinner in the palace the next day, Hamming Di Summoned to minister who for his dreams, a minister said: I heard there is something called the Western Buddhist God, his Majesty dreamed of Jin, must be the Buddha. Han Emperor Ming is a very superstitious person, so he will be sent to the Tianzhu country (now India) to fetch Buddhist scriptures. Minister Qin King and other 18 people, trek, arduous journey came Tianzhu country, and invited the camera Matanga and Zhu Falan two Tianzhu monks returned to pass along Buddha. They brought back the original Buddhist scriptures - Sanskrit Manuscripts and the White Horse Temple, the cool table in the earliest Buddhist Sutra translated - sishier zhangjing and other Buddhist writings. To store these Buddhist and preached Buddhism, Emperor Ming ordered the country's Buddhist temple modeled Tianzhu look, build the Eastern Han Dynasty Buddhist temple. Because Buddhist with two horses white horse pack back, after the completion of the temple, named White Horse Temple.

Today's Luoyang tour to White Horse Temple nestled in a jungle. Terauchi existing building has King Hall, Main Hall, Qian Fodian, Pilu Court, Bell Tower, Drum Tower. There are two mountains outside Shima, is the tomb of the descendants of the other song will be attached Shima shift White Horse pack by means. Temple bell tower of the north Indian Monks were taken Matanga, Zhu Falan two graves.

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