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Home >> Jiurushan Waterfall Group Scenic Area tour guide

Jiurushan Waterfall Group Scenic Area

Jiurushan Waterfall Group Scenic AreaNine mountain scenic waterfalls located in Jinan City West Ying Town, about 40 kilometers away from Jinan City, east of Zhangqiu, south of Laiwu and Tai'an City, covers an area of 12 square kilometers, the vegetation coverage rate of 97%, the air of negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter of 70,000 or more, ranking first in Jinan. According to the national AAAA level scenic standard construction, with a total investment of 300 million yuan.

The whole area is divided into nine clusters, such as canyons, waterfalls canopy resort, resort pools, waterfalls, Wall Road and ecological leisure summer resort area, Jinan City, the largest natural beauty, is also the harmony between man and nature a model of the work.

Taishan Mountain scenic area in among the rolling hills, Jinan tour to To Qufu Confucius Temple And Mt. Taishan is the Taishan Mountains foothills. In the government's strong support, Shandong Ping Hui Decoration Engineering Co., built to take advantage of favorable natural landscape resources as the theme to " endlessly rising peaks of mountains, silver beads flying waterfalls, winding steep cliff, down the stream gurgling " featuring "Eight Lake, nine waterfall, twenty-four springs, 36 peaks " as the core of the landscape, set of ecological tourism, leisure and entertainment, recreation and other functions into one vacation, south of Jinan City, the premier ultra- large-scale natural landscape areas.

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