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Home >> Daming Lake sightseeing guide

Daming Lake

Daming LakeDaming Lake is located in Jinan city center, north of the Old Town, and Baotu, Qianfoshan saying Jinan three spots. Jinan is known as Spring City, there springs a hundred, of which springs seventy-two. Daming Lake is a natural lake, the earliest written records found in the Northern Wei Li Tao Yuan Waterways, Sui and Tang dynasties name lotus lake, calendar waves, Song had the name of Westlake, said before Daming Lake to Jinyuan time. Park inscriptions Shijie more famous poem by Du Fu: Right Citing ancient sea, Jinan celebrities and more for the Qing Shaoji writing another book couplet iron Paul, Ho Shao-chi, Weng and other tablets, Jieju deep cultural connotation and artistic level.

There are major tourist attractions of St. Paul Park, ya Park, Cassino Shrine, iron Ancestral Hall, Lixia Pavilion, Arctic Temple, Nan Fung Temple, the Department of the wave building, Mingchang Bell Pavilion, Lake Bodine, who has publicly painted walls, China Jinnan tour to the lake one hundred meters large fountains, etc., which Lixia Pavilion, iron Ancestral Hall for municipal units. Park held a variety of garden activities each year, there is the Spring Festival cultural temple fair, exhibition of new flowers, lotus exhibition and folk cultural activities and flowers bonsai exhibition, Kistler exhibitions.

Lake lake pavilion next calendar famous Sea Island right gutting. Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu in Tempo four years (AD 745 years) and calligrapher Li Yong at this feast, impromptu Du Fu right Citing ancient sea, Jinan celebrities and more, a poem, and the name of the next calendar broadcast booth this world. Ancestral North Shore iron for iron Hyun Ji Nianming Bingbushangshu built, he had to stick to Jinan, resist the king, after the defeat unyielding killed. Nan Fung Temple was built to commemorate Zeng Gong Song writer. Zeng word sub-solid, Jiangxi Nan Fung people in Xining five years (AD 1072), Ren Qi State (ie Jinan) known to the state, he revised the north Watergate, governance Lake flooding, outstanding achievements, popular.

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