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Home >> Baotu Spring Park sightseeing information

Baotu Spring Park

Baotu Spring ParkBaotu Park is located in downtown Jinan, middle Baotu Road and Lok Yuen Street, south of Thousand Buddha Mountain, east of Spring City Square, north of Big Lake. Baotu Springs Park is based specialty gardens. Baotu aka threshold Springs, Lok water source, has been two thousand seven hundred years of history.

Baotu, concurrent three caves, hidden sound like thunder, the source of Fen Water Bay if the wheel. Spring constant throughout the year at around 18 degrees Celsius, winter, curl gas from water, like a thin layer of smoke, while the deep spring pool sparkling, while the pavilion painted, carved beams, constitute a wonderful world Wonderland. Famous ancient writers, philosophers, poets such as Zeng, Su Shi, Zhang Yang Hao, Wang Shou-ren, Quan Yin Pu Songling and others have beautiful literary masterpiece.

The west side of the pool into the water of the springs Kanrantei the Ming Shun overturned five years, the kiosks feature stone table, stone bench, sitting China Jinnan tours for visitors Springs. Pavilion on the west wall inlay engraved Mission for the Ming Dynasty calligrapher 's ink, First Spring stone, Qing Tongzhi years calligrapher Wang Zhonglin mine, Pavilion West Baotu stone by the Ming Dynasty in Shandong Province Hu Zan patrol the book cases. Baotu the north shore of the East pool, built by the water, bright and clean building is the famous Penglai Club, also known as Wang ting Teahouse, when Emperor Kangxi and Qianlong emperors have been here two waterfront meditation, tea tours spring, enjoy the jump Tuquan 's worth of charm, when the taste of water after trying to shift Baotu southern tour in Beijing Yuquan bring drinking water Baotu replaced all the water, it is more real taste moist spring, do not drink sudden jump in water, air negative Jinan Tour said.

Baotu North Shore has a large group of ancient buildings, known as the three main hall. The most southern hall Lok Yuen Tong, three layers, Xieshan cornices, antique, built in the Northern Song Dynasty, pour Ha column, engraved Yuan Zhao Mengzhao page writer famous poem : Run steamed Chinese live clouds, acoustic shock waves Daming Lake. font eloquent verse lively and vivid, shimmering water and shadow just in front of each other. In three of the lattice through the hospital hall wall, studded with more than 30 square stone, are masterpieces of ancient celebrities Psalms.

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