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Home >> Ocean Park tourist information

Ocean Park

Ocean ParkHong Kong Ocean Park on January 10, 1977 opening, is one of Hong Kong 's marine recreational theme park in Hong Kong, Wong Chuk Hang, an area of over 870,000 square meters, it is mountains and the sea, ocean wonders and recreational facilities set in one, is the best leisure destination of Hong Kong residents, it is the mainland and foreign tourists to visit Hong Kong will come to land. Received over 3.2 million visitors a year.

Ocean Park Press building can be divided into the hills and mountain peaks Waterfront park in two parts. Hill is a major part of Ocean Park in Hong Kong, there are aquariums, Haitao Museum, Ocean Theatre, birds living ; foot of the Hong Kong Ocean Park Water Park is a water recreation center in Asia, as well as garden theater, museum and modeled goldfish built by ancient artifacts, such as the Middle Kingdom.

Hong Kong tours to Ocean Park is divided into eight regions by exploring the contents include: Asian Animals, Aqua, Whiskers world, Rainforest, Marine Land, Headland Rides, Adventure Land and dynamic world. Nam Long Shan mountain garden and to lift and sea traffic in 2009 train connections. The gulf between Brick Hill with trees, places mountaineering lift access, is the world's second longest outdoor escalator. Mystery aquarium park, the Pacific coast, such as shark exhibit hall of the sea, the birds home, butterfly houses and other vivid attractive, Abyss, Crazy Galleon challenges such as courage, Whiskers world, have their own characteristics, such as DreamWorks haha You can also watch funny dolphins in ocean Park Hong Kong ocean Theatre, sea lion show "Ocean with my heart." Enough time to spend a day in Hong Kong Ocean Park fanatical about it.

In the Indo-Pacific coral reef aquarium theme, visitors will come to the hot spots are. Feeding more than 2,600 of the museum belong to more than 200 species of tropical fish. Aquarium is divided into four, to screen off the glass to make, so that visitors feel as seabed. Also, take the cable car in Ocean Park is a very enjoyable activity, sitting on two hundred and five meters altitude can enjoy stunning views of the South China Sea, far outside the flashing sand, shimmering scales shadow, looking at clouds floating. From the park, but also take the world's second longest outdoor escalator.

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