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Home >> Madame Tussauds travel guide and tours

Madame Tussauds

Madame TussaudsWax Museum is located in Hong Kong can enjoy panoramic views of Hong Kong's Peak Road, which is the world-renowned Lunduidusuo Asia's first permanent Madame Tussauds branch library, the museum has 100 lifelike wax figures of celebrities, including David Beckham, Diana, Jackie Chan Yao, Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau, etc., can be described as star-studded, exposure to which, just as real as there is a sense of awe met marveling.

Wax Museum is divided into movie world, sports star, wax workshop, celebrity party, great hall, Mount Terror, music Extreme project. Lifelike wax figures, Hong Kong trip carefully measure of celebrity by sculptor body height, shoot more than 200 photos for reference, crafted, and even hair, like real hair is selected hair. It is said that a wax figure production costs of up to more than 30 million Hong Kong dollars.

Former President Hu Jintao's wax figure at Madame Tussauds September 27, 2004 officially put on display on the tarmac of an arranged scene real, seem just taken from the plane cabin to meet with you. Visitors can pass through the cabin door and stood waving Hu wax positive side, accept their enthusiastic cheering and reporters who have their photos taken. Convergence superstar celebrity wax museum, whether you like music, movies, politics or sports, can close with your favorite superstar celebrity contacts and pictures, celebrity names do feel precious moments and experience the museum interactive fun!

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