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DisneylandHong Kong Disneyland Resort is located in Penny's Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, currently a total area of 126 hectares. Disneyland surrounded by mountains, and the distance across the South China Sea, is the first Disney modeled according to the California theme park visitors can walk into a fairy tale kingdom. Among them, Main Street USA, Adventureland, Sleeping Beauty Castle, tomorrow is their representation of the world and other entertainment venues. Everywhere can give tourists endless wonderful experience. In the Main Street USA, the United States can enjoy a nostalgic downtown buildings, sections of elegant antique cars, enjoy a variety of Chinese and Western dishes for; adventure world, a section along great rivers, across the African savannah, mysterious forests in Asia reach Tarzan island, brave navigators will lead visitors to explore nature's magic secret territory; sleeping Beauty Castle is a fun-filled fantasy world, there is a beautiful kind of Snow White, Dumbo lively innocence, innocent and cute bear Pooh; in tomorrow's world people can experience the thrill of space journey, explore the boundless universe.

Hong Kong tour to Disneyland Resort is a resort area by the theme parks, themed hotels and water sports centers constituted by the Hong Kong International Theme Parks Limited construction, management and operation, designed by Walt Disney Company. At present, the first phase of the resort include : a theme park, two themed hotels, and water sports centers and other retail, dining and entertainment facilities. Resort and a placeholder for the first phase of the expansion and construction of parks, Block 3, Disney themed hotels. In addition, the resort has a placeholder for the next construction of the second phase of the resort, while the second phase will include a resort : a theme park and two themed hotels.

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