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Home >> Russian Art Exhibit Space tourist guide

Russian Art Exhibit Space

Russian Art Exhibit SpaceRussian Art Gallery is located in Harbin Sun Island Park Northeast, as private galleries, art galleries, Harbin Russia area of 1742 square meters using the building and the surrounding environment are Russian-style garden, with exhibition style coordinated travel to Harbin, can not miss.

Sun Island Russian Art Gallery was founded in May 1994, the State Fair is the only award -winning public aid to private galleries. Existing collections of more than 4,000 pieces, including paintings blend of contemporary Russian international master Igor Aobo Belousov, goli Yaye Fu, Rome Ashok,jihuomiluofu, Ivan Danilo Cardiff and other original works 200.

Russian Art Gallery is located in the northeast of Sun Island Park, as private galleries, use of an area 1742 square meters, the building and the surrounding landscape environment are Russian style, the style consistent with the exhibition. Hall geographical advantages and positioning features prominent cultural interaction Harbin and Russia. Reflect the " folk Collection " simple, sincere style of exhibition space and display. Tight fit with the surrounding environment, so that it has deep-seated value of art appreciation. Russian collection of more than 4,000 pieces of art galleries, China Harbin tours exhibits more than 1,200 pieces, is currently China's largest private collection of exhibit space. The museum set up permanent exhibition, temporary exhibition design, creation and artistic exchanges demonstration area three zones.

Exhibition by a private collector Liu Mingxiu founder of the top ten, according to the museum 's exhibits, the material is divided into seven categories, is to understand the Russian customs and habits, history, culture and art of the perfect "fossil." The contemporary Russian artists exhibition brings together the works of contemporary artists in Russia more than 200 pieces, demonstrating the Russian contemporary art style.

From 1989 to the present, Liu Mingxiu collected 3000 Russian works of art, and is committed to the arts and cultural exchanges between China and Russia, the Russian government has obtained numerous awards, has been hailed as the Chinese and Russian and foreign media folk culture messenger. Currently, indoor and outdoor decoration pavilion in full swing, Russia 's top artist exhibitions and other cultural feast Russia is also actively planning.

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