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Home >> Orthodox Churches sightseeing tours

Orthodox Churches

Orthodox ChurchesThe Orthodox Church is located in Harbin Harbin City area, built in the year 1899 (Qing dynasty, twenty five years), Harbin City, seventeen churches, the larger and earlier built one. The whole church is Byzantine architecture, the central one of the main building there is a standard big dome, red monument structure, towering spacious. Orthodox Christianity is one of the three factions, the rest of the Catholic and Protestant factions. Shortly after Christianity split into two factions something ; 1054 to Constantinople as the center of most of the East Church call themselves Orthodox, meaning authentic Church, the use in religious ceremonies in Greece language, it is also known as the Greek Orthodox, and claiming to be Catholic (ie Catholic) Church West rival. Catholic and thereafter gradually split up many new sects, collectively known as Protestantism.

Harbin tour to Christian Orthodox Church is one of the three factions, the rest of the Catholic and Protestant factions. Orthodox into China, was in 1727 (Qing Emperor Yongzheng five years) and Russia signed the Treaty kyakhta for the future. China opened in the year of this border town kyakhta trade with Russia, Russia 's Orthodox Church, the soil began to enter China 's northeastern border missionary. 1903, starting in the Middle East to Harbin Railway, becoming northeast city of Harbin China, has become the center of the Orthodox missionary priest.

The whole church is atrium-style building, the main building has a central one standard big dome, red monument structure, towering spacious. The original wooden structure Cathedral. 1930 reconstruction of the church now masonry structures. So far in 1899, where there is also a large bell 600 kg Moscow street. It is a Romanesque building, but also the basic style of the Greek Orthodox Church. Designed by the famous Russian architect Jeddah Ivanov. Because by the time this church in Harbin Ukrainian believers management, named Ukrainian Church. 1984 Government to re- open repair.

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