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Home >> Incense Hill tour guide

Incense Hill

Incense HillLocated at the southern tip of Heilongjiang Incense Hill Bin is Xiaoxing'anling Mountains. Harbin seventy kilometers away, there are six main peak, up to seven hundred ninety meters above sea level. Incense Hill four kilometers from east to west, north-south width of three kilometers, with a total area of one seven acres. Has maintained the original ecology, is a natural forest oxygen bar Harbin recently.

Scenic Incense Hill after planning is by mountains, forests, water and ice and other natural landscape as the main tourism, holiday, snow, culture and entertainment, such as integrated development and construction as one of the leisure resort. Martial people adhering to the creation of effective protection under the premise of the original ecology, with the most sincere feelings to love this magnificent Incense Hill, let the world share in the construction of a green bank. Gantry completed in September 2005 Year ninth, eleven meters high, six-column carved with dragon, after nineteen processes, nine types of work to complete.

Incense Hill is the Dharma of the Holy Land. Who completed and won the National Interior Decoration Art and Design Competition Award, received praise all walks of blue butterfly spring whenever the setting sun, whether it is spring and autumn, or frost, snow and rain, Harbin tours to there is a charming figure in here looking up Alice Wang, brook listen to the voices telling her Acacia, waiting with her life in exchange etched in people's hearts, Wang Fu River. Wang Fu Xi recorded an unsung hero who sacrificed their lives for the country, telling a faithful love thing.

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