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Home >> Heilongjiang Provincial Museum tour information

Heilongjiang Provincial Museum

Heilongjiang Provincial MuseumHeilongjiang Provincial Museum is a large comprehensive provincial museum, located at No.64 Red Army Street in Harbin, is keeping, research, exhibitions Heilongjiang history, heritage, art and science centers and other flora and fauna. As a class protected building in Harbin, the provincial cultural relics protection units. 1962 Mr. Guo Moruo wrote Museum. Harbin has become a tourist attraction.

Heilongjiang Provincial Museum was originally built in 1904, Eren Moscow mall. 1922 initiated by the Russians to establish Provincial Cultural Relics Research Council, and preparations for the establishment of the museum on the premises. The museum has worked by the Russians, the Japanese managers manage, the people's government took over in 1951, was renamed" Songjiang Science Museum" in 1954 with the merger of Heilongjiang Province Songjiang, the museum began with the" Heilongjiang Provincial Museum."

"Heilongjiang ancient historical relics,"an exhibition area of 450 square meters, divided into" primitive culture of Heilongjiang" ," Tang Dynasty period Bohai Heilongjiang", "Liao and Jin Dynasties of Heilongjiang"," Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties in Heilongjiang" part 4. With more than 900 pieces of cultural relics, supplemented by charts, tables, photos, text entries, revealing historical overview of the development of Heilongjiang. Each province unearthed a large number of fine stone, confirms the 12th century BC, between the mountains and the Sushen living in the family to the then Central Plains region of the Zhou Dynasty" tribute broken utensil vector, catapult" documented. Relics unearthed from the Bohai Sea, proved 1,000 years ago, where the local government is part of Don. Tongyin bronze mirrors and dozens of pieces of carved Chinese characters above or workshop number, Harbin tour sign the official text of charge, or Seal of nine overlapping characters printed text, are evidence of the Heilongjiang River Chinese dynasties exercise of jurisdiction.

"Animal exhibition"area of 750 square meters, the exhibition highlights the province's specialty animal specimens, but also a small amount of the world's rarest animals, such as red-crowned crane, the Siberian tiger. Exhibits focus on the multi- display box with ecological view, give the audience a sense of immersive." Ancient animal display"area of 480 square meters, exhibits focus flathead hadrosaur Heilongjiang, Songhua River mammoth and the woolly rhinoceros large bones, they are exploring the museum after the establishment of the People's Republic. Fulaerji unearthed woolly rhinoceros, 1.82 meters high, 3.67 meters long, very full when unearthed, the feet of the little finger ( toe ) bones are kept full, in similar specimens are larger, more complete individual, is as a specimen. Zhaoyuan Songhua River mammoth fossils unearthed skeleton, length 5.45 m, 3.33 m high, is China's first with a more complete mammoth fossils.

Heilongjiang Provincial Museum specimens of more than 107,400 pieces of cultural relics, including a collection of 84, one specimen 1. In addition there are more than 40,000 books books. Large collection of natural specimens. Rocks, minerals, soil, plant and animal specimens and fossils of more than 70,000 pieces. Historical artifacts, paintings and other minority heritage and a total of more than 30,000 pieces. Jin Dynasty relics and artifacts Hoche more abundant. Calligraphy with modern paintings, focusing on the works of famous artists Tianshou collection more." Wilderness" is also a masterpiece of early prints collection features.

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