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Home >> Zhexi Grand Canyon tour information

Zhexi Grand Canyon

Zhexi Grand CanyonZhexi Grand Canyon is located in Zhejiang and Anhui Qingliangfeng National Nature Reserve bordering areas. Zhejiang Province is located northwest of the name "western Zhejiang." Canyon territory of high mountains and swift rivers, mountains Huangshan Mountains extending water as the origins of the Qiantang River. Canyon tourist area is a linear zonal, 80 km in length, is divided into three segments King.

The first paragraph from King to the tower until the fish jump Longgang Sin Tan only, commonly known as "Longjing Gorge" by the dock for the giant stream valley, about 18 km. Longjing Gap Qi Xiu waterfall, many steep crag, the "white horse rock out walls cattle farming" reputation. Fish jumping from the second paragraph Huaguang King Bridge on the River Prince until the tip only, known as "the Gap Creek", about 26 km, canyons and steep terrain, water rapids, rocks Trolltech, is the only national treasure bloodstone areas; the third scene segment called "Zhejiang gate Gorge", since Prince sharp ridge until Ma Xiao lion stone village ended, length of nearly 30 km, mountain canyon waterfall storeyed, China tour of Hangzhou Qiao Shi Lan compete with the size and other high profile Shimen wonderful spectacle King.

Zhexi Grand Canyon, once discovered, will get the nod tourism sector, Zhejiang Tourism Bureau's experts call "East first Tourism canyon." With five of the best advantages: that is, in eastern China, the West Zhexi Grand Canyon is the "longest canyon; vegetation protection best; landscapes best; Canyon least populated residential area and away from the nearest metropolis Shanghai and Hangzhou." Has built an open, tourists are only the first King segment "Longjing Gorge." The main attractions are: Zhelin waterfall, JIANMENGUAN, leisure beach, community Mun Bay, the old pestle Creek, marriage and child rearing customs and cultural Yuan \ lion elephant Bay, white cliffs and so on.

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