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Home >> Yunqi Bamboo Path tour information

Yunqi Bamboo Path

Yunqi Bamboo PathYunqi, located in the foothills west of five Yunshan said Song Conduit five-year (AD 967) Yue Wang Temple in this, there are colorful clouds set to fly here, then named Yunqi. In fact, where high mountains dock deep, dense bamboo Maolin, early morning dusk, often dock condensate cloud everywhere, clouds phase-by, it has been hailed as the first Austrian hills area.

Yunqi away from the hustle and bustle, a quiet lane, west of trimeric booths, winding extends into the depths of the forest, ancient shade shade blocks out the sun, square pole show rustling bamboo, woven from a huge green thick clouds, Hangzhou tour drown out the state of the world Red Yan Liang, swaying the mountain vigor. Everywhere you can see, the man in harmony with nature friendship, everywhere. From the depths of the mountain near the dock according to Penny Drive down the river stream, constantly Ming play the sound of knocking. Wan Zhu Ying pole green trees, mountain streams swallow a few songs fine spring, which tells the poem just natural scenery Yunqi Bamboo Trail. Xi You Yunqi Temple, Zhong Qing sound could be heard deep in the bamboo forest, the beginning of Yunqi Vatican Trail. Temple to remain, next to one of the back Yanfeng, Long sword, wall concept of peak, are Yunqi Liujing.

Yun Qi Huang Bitian not only repair and ancient trees, Westlake age, body mass among the best trees, mostly concentrated here. For example, there are over a thousand years of strain Shou sweetgum, trunk up thirty-eight meters, can accommodate three encircle stout, standing under a tree looking up, I saw that it refers to the potential of cloud table, unattainable, as if the lake for thousands of years of history and Trace, all Ningzhu to it that among the torso. Yunqi Bamboo Trail, naturally this really the most precious, cicadas sound of summer, the year of her season best travel tours, walking on the faint trail, like swimming in the Bamboo Village, attached green shade Yam, chasing mountain winds, cool and wrapped in cool.

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