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Home >> Thousand Island Lake travel guide

Thousand Island Lake

Thousand Island LakeThousand Island Lake Scenic Area is located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China Hangzhou West Thousand Island Lake County, effective Chun, east of Hangzhou, 129 kilometers, 140 kilometers west of Huangshan, the Yangtze River Delta region in the back garden, the scenic spot clean water was odd, the Kuril one hundred posture, beautiful scenery, good ecological environment must, because the lake has a 1078 Green Island is named. Thousand Island Lake in the Kuril, Silk, gold belt (phase at the island and the lake surrounded by a layer of golden soil zone, known name "gold belt") as the main characteristics of the landscape. Thousand Island Lake is China's first national scenic area, is one of China's largest forest park is the "Hangzhou - Thousand Island Lake - Huangshan" famous picturesque city of golden tourist line a shining pearl. Thousand Island Lake annual tourists more than 500 million people, among the national civilized Forest Park, and was named the Taiwan media, Taiwan tourists and citizens of the three mainland tourist hotspot, Hangzhou tour and Beijing, the Yangtze River Three Gorges par. 2001 has been named the first Chinese AAAA level tourist area. 2002 was named the National Consumer Rights Protection tourism demonstration area and Zhejiang Youth Civilization demonstration area.

Thousand Island Lake County is located - Town Lake is full of western Zhejiang style lakeside tourist town, who have access to "International Garden City" and "China's best natural ecological town" crown. In addition, also the preservation of Thousand Island Lake bottom two 1800 years of history, looking forward to the world to uncover her mystery. Thousand Island Lake scenic rolling hills, lush forests, green, depending on rate of 100%, 573 square kilometers of the lake glistening lake opacity, visibility up to 12 meters, is a national body of water by the former president of Xinhua News Agency Mu Qing praised as "the world First Silk. "

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