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Home >> Santai Mountain tourist information
Santai Mountain

Santai MountainHangzhou Taishan, the shape of the Ma On Shan, located in the town of Cheng Ka source Boshan east, and Ma On Shan, Yueyang Hill, Erlang Mountain confrontation sea, is the source of the town and the town Zichuan Zi defined natural barrier. Mountains north to south, in the mountains among several overlapping peaks. Size dozen undulating hills, patchwork, peak elevation of 614 meters, because the mountain side from bottom to top with three large natural platform named.

Three Taishan since ancient times under the Cheng Ka Yang face gentler slopes of the mountain, China Hangzhou tours to the only one on the mountain from the mountainside through the gate - Nantianmen mountain pass to vote; Sanin steep cliffs, fog smoke oblique cross. Mountainside a spring, is called Tianchi, crystal clear spring water, cool Gan Lie. Original mountain temple splendid sight, the pilgrims continue, after being catastrophe, destroyed. There are mountains to the west on a platform Yingtou shaped boulder piece, two houses in ruins; south there is a large bluestone platform Tsuishine a mortar, past Moriyama who lived here for many years.

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