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Home >> Xinglong Tropical Garden, Haikou tour information

Xinglong Tropical Garden

Xinglong Tropical GardenXinglong tropical garden is located in Hainan province Xinglong hot spring resort city of plum hill, is a blend of natural, cultural, landscape and ecological protection as one of the large-scale comprehensive scenic spot. The garden was built in 1992, covers an area of 5800 acres. Built plant viewing area, tropical rain forest area, biological feeding areas, reconstruction of tropical rain forest area (celebrity tree planting area), ornamental area, forest camping areas and tourist areas. At present, the biological variety, tropical rain forest flourish prosperous, preliminary to restore the region's biodiversity, forming a virtuous circle of ecological environment. The garden is a treasure trove of tropical plant "kingdom" and rare and endangered plants.

Xinglong tropical garden base area facing the South China Sea, Haikou tour are affected by the tropical marine climate, tropical monsoon climate, adequate light, rainfall is abundant, no winter cold, summer without heat, coupled with the unique topography, provides the advantageous natural conditions for various organisms reproduce, is China's tropical biodiversity to protect the most potential area of. In 1992, the patriotic Chinese Mr. Zheng Wentai's contribution, their planning and design, in an existing aging rubber plantations, have desolate land, but at the same time, residual ravine rain forest land, started the construction of Xinglong tropical garden.

At present, the garden has been planted thousands of tropical ornamental plants hundreds of thousands of plants, including 65 species of rare and endangered plants, included in the "Chinese plant red book" of 27, introduced the 8 kinds of rare and endangered plants, many face imminent extinction of plants, the ex-situ conservation, breeding and the formation of the community. The garden was identified as the national tourism development and construction of priority to the development of construction project, is one of the four ecological demonstration education base and the species gene pool determined by Chinese government. The top ten tourist attractions in Hainan province. In 1997 by the Chinese government to the United Nations recommended as "global environment 500" award project, Hainan Province Department of science and technology, Environmental Resources Department identified as "juvenile biological knowledge base" and "biological diversity protection in Hainan province base" and "youth environmental education base". In 2002 by the China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Federation awarded the "rejuvenating the country through science and education demonstration base" honorary title. 2003 garden "tropical rainforest restoration and protection" project by the Bureau of foreign experts identified as "the introduction of foreign intelligence achievement demonstration base". Xinglong tropical garden of Tropical Botanical Garden world most perfect protection of natural ecology.

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