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Home >> Haikou Tropical Ocean World travel guide

Haikou Tropical Ocean World

Haikou Tropical Ocean WorldThe tropical oceans of the world is China's first centralized marine tourism and cultural manifestations of large, comprehensive theme park, located in the coastal road, Haikou City, by the Hainan Huixiang Industry Investment Co., Ltd. invested eight hundred million yuan development and construction. Hainan tropical oceans of the world land area of five hundred and thirty-eight mu, the beach area of one hundred mu, sea area of two hundred mu, will test business opened in November 3, 2000.

In the heat of Hainan ocean world, the tourists boarded the Millennium Tower, overlooking Haikou city; in the Performing Arts Plaza, can enjoy a high level of song and dance performances; laser water curtain film using high technology presents a magnificent acousto-optic sound picture; into the Ocean Park, the taste of the sea of mystery and marine life colorful, go on Haikou tour to Talang bridge and the artificial island, wind, ocean, Kikunami; on the beach, enjoy sunshine, waves, coconut; in the hot spring recreation center, high-quality service will make you indulge in pleasures without stop and stay warm memories; island fairy tale is especially designed for children children's playground, give children a memorable childhood; rocket bungee jumping, hot air blastoff, pirate ship, treasure island, river rafting, trapeze will satisfy you seek stimulation, Rainforest Adventure desire; style fast food, tropical fruit orchards, let you enjoy the characteristics of the food culture.

The tropical oceans of the world to the "people-oriented, marketing to the public joy, joy, for their own development" for the business philosophy, to create a world full of joy, creating famous brand. All my colleagues in the tropical oceans of the world to go beyond the self, to carry forward the friendly spirit, work together to create a better tomorrow! Village, beach activity area, the tropical rain forest.

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