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Home >> Hairui Former Residence sightseeing tour

Hairui Former Residence

Hairui Former ResidenceHairui Former Residence is located in Haikou City, King Shan District, Golden Village town house, all the way across and Red Lake. Golden Village is one of the four cultural village on Hainan history, one in a three- Yin refers to the history of the three Golden Village wit : Qiu Jun, Hai, Zuo. And Qiu Jun and Harry is one of four talented on both Hainan history.

Hai live longer lives in the residence. 39 years ago, in addition to Beijing exam, but leave the country. Jiajing three years (1553) to 40 -year-old Khanh four years (1570) 57 years old, 18 years out of office. Khanh Wanli five to twelve years (1584) 71 years, caused by Ren Shi Country Life 15 years. Wanli served thirteen years in Nanjing, Wanli fifteen years until his death 74 years. Hai hometown after living 53 years in total. 1991 Hainan Provincial People's Government departments, led all sectors performed Hainan Hai residence in donations to rebuild on the site, the people of Hainan Hai expressed admiration mood.

Reconstruction Hai residence occupies 1,363 square meters, is the former residence of the original Harry basis, Haikou tour to mimic the architectural style of the Ming Dynasty, Hainan designed and built. Place the front row for the ceremony, hanging on in the middle, Hai residence wooden plaque, plaque above the eastern Guangdong are begging, the word plaque. Into the front door before they see the positive binary house, a hall are two bedrooms, both sides of the house was being cross- house, located den, exhibition hall, drawing room, Utility Room each one, the building covers an area of about one-third of the total area one. Which covers an area of 125 square meters are houses, ten-pin lift beam structure, surrounded by stone walls, eaves height 3.6 m, with ten full import of Pontianak wood columns, rafters Jue hold the whole shoot with imported wood, all with Hainan specialty baffle cycads and dense tree refined. Surrounded by a wall 154 meters long, 2.2 meters high, Ann bamboo window on the wall. Hai Hai residence next to the temple, sitting north to south, west to the Red Lake, backed by Zhu orange in the streets. It is well-known by the King Shan nationality senior architect Mr. Zheng Zhenhong design. Hometown contractors who are descendants of Mr. Hai Luo Shufu, existing projects in about 400,000 yuan, the King Shan county, prefecture government funding to build towns and public donations.

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