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Home >> Century Bridge sightseeing tours

Century Bridge

Century BridgeHaikou Century Bridge Road, located north Longkun extension line. The total investment of 667 million yuan Bridge, May 29, 1998 officially started, which lasted five years and three months of construction, in August 2003 opened to traffic. Built-century bridge to make North Queensland Haidian Island Haikou Long journey time is shortened to 3 minutes, but also greatly boosted the development and construction of Haidian Island Area, majestic structure, modeling spectacular century bridge has become the biggest Hainan scale, the highest technical content, the most difficult bridge construction project.

Bridge length of 2683 m, of which the main bridge length of 636.60 meters, the main bridge towers and double cable planes three cross (147 + 340 + 147) edge continuous prestressed concrete girder bridge, the main bridge when the highest navigable water level four meters clear height of 24 m. Both ends of the main bridge total of four towers, located south of the North Shore Bridge Square. 29.8 m wide bridge, located two-way six-lane, design speed of 60 km / h. Located on both sides of the sidewalk. Diamond was the main tower, 106.9 meters high tower, the China Haikou tours main tower foundation for the round end type caisson, catchy area of 29.8 m ¡Á 18.6 meters, the area under the mouth of 30.4 m ¡Á 19.2 meters and 40.1 meters deep, each single-sided cable-stayed 22, a total of 176. Approach for prestressed concrete continuous box girder, prestressed high strength concrete foundation piles. 1101.094 m long south approach, the connection section 233.867 meters; North Access length 524.45 m, North Approach 167.595 meters, 24.3 meters wide Approach. If you travel to the sea does not prevent the Century Bridge visit.

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