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Home >> Liuxihe National Forest Park, Guangzhou tour information

Liuxihe National Forest Park

Liuxihe National Forest ParkLiuxi River National Forest Park is located in the northern city of Conghua and is connected with the good town, is one of China's first built ten forest parks, subtropical forest characteristics, known as a green pearl inlaid in the Tropic of cancer. Liuxi River National Forest Park is one is given priority to with a landscape of lakes and mountains, the natural scenery tourist attraction. It is the ecological park natural landscape, cultural landscape, forest health functions.

Known as the "Pearl of South of the Five Ridges" of Liuxi River National Forest Park, is one of many in the city for leisure resort person yearning. In the vast blue lake, the distribution of the size of the twenty-two islands, such as white jade. In the southeastern part of the park, Five Fingers Group, stands a horn hill, chicken pillow mountain mountain peak six meters above sea level. One chicken, pillow mountain 1146.7 meters above sea level, is the first peak in the park. Long-term perspective, a "distant flash, when the" high-gap Pinghu "spectacular ran the eye, make people feel in the Fairy Magic wonders.

Mu tea garden, acres of garden, Mu Chuk, Guangzhou tour to park Guomei Xie tea, each leading the trend. Park in the dense forests in the deep mountains, and multiply the protection of wild animal variety: Su Ling, sambar deer, mountain cattle, cats, civet cats, rats, awn pangolins come and go deep in the forest; the Silver Pheasant, pheasant, cormorants, ducks, thrush, red-billed Leiothrix, often play in the Lake; besides, saxitoxin turtle in mountain habitat.

Park has a villa luxury villa, the western high profile guest room, restaurant, conference rooms of different sizes, Wu Song and dance halls, shopping malls and spring swimming pool and other facilities. A water recreation, and monkey fun, paintball field, ethnic customs Park, Peacock Garden, view of Deer Park 10 amusement projects, establishment of flow Creek Hornsey, stream rainbow, rare botanical garden and so on 12 human landscape, open the three Ya Tang Valley, small river, emerald islands 13 natural landscape. Production flow Creek tea, plum, winter a variety of native products.

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