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Home >> Humenxiaoyan Pool travel guide

Humenxiaoyan Pool

Humenxiaoyan PoolHumenxiaoyan pool in Dongguan County town of Taiping mouth, south of the Pearl River, north of Cattle Hill, west of the town of mouth pass. 1830s Britain, Portugal and other armed smuggling opium into the South China border. A large number of opium brought into endanger the health of our people, and numerous gold and silver out of a foreign country, depriving the poor and weak people. Qing Emperor Daoguang accept Lin Tse-hsu smoking memorials, Lin Tse-hsu mission to Guangzhou investigating, forcing foreign opium traders in Humen handed over more than 20,000 boxes of opium, weighing 1175 tons.

To destroy these harmful drugs, specially built two large pond, length and width of 45 meters. Bottom slate tile, surrounded by fields pegs board, filled lake open a culvert, through a ditch after the pool. When the destruction of opium, the first pool of water, sprinkle salt into a concentrated salt brine, the opium in batches into the pool, with concentrated brine dissolves. Then stir into quicklime immediately causes a reaction. Explosion opened, to break down erosion. Finally, these mixed waste residue was washed away by the river, trickle-down does not leave. Three weeks later, and finally destroyed completely. At that time the pool board (June 3, 1839 to the 25th) sold tobacco pool, stakes and other artifacts are now on display at the pool of the Opium War museum.

Pins smoke filled lake stands a People's Anti-British Monument Humen Opium War one. Museum used the 141 objects, 130 historical photographs, 19 charts and 12 large-scale paintings and three large-scale scenes, Guangzhou tours vividly recreates the war 150 years ago shocked the world scene. Humenxiaoyan pool and 10 kilometers away from Fort Humen Kok, where the sea is just Chuanbi Ocean Pearl throat. It is the north Whampoa, the situation is advantageous, called Humen fortress. Qing Emperor Kangxi had forts, Opium War, Lin, off-day training on both sides, such as that in Humen and Haikou, the island of armed fort built at the Gap 11, equipped with artillery over 300 doors. During the Sino-British Opium War, Humen Fort repeatedly repel invading British invasion forces in modern Chinese history wrote a glorious page. Humen fortress fort now remains Kok and Weiyuan Fort, available to visit and pay tribute. Guangzhou has become the people known tourist attractions.

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