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Home >> Chen Family Temple tourist information

Chen Family Temple

Chen Family TempleTo be an ancestral Guangdong Province, Chen 's family, also known as Chen Clan Academy. Chen Clan Temple was built Guangxu sixteen to twenty years (1890-1894 years), designed by Li Julin. The building faces south, an area of 15,000 square meters, the main building of 6,400 square meters. For the three five nine six homes the size of 19 buildings. Chen Clan Temple with its intricate decorative arts known for its blend of Art Deco architecture Lingnan folk culmination of its three birds, three plastic, a cast iron known, known as Bai Yue Guan Temple.

Chen Clan Academy, facing south, in front of the open square, with a front and rear, east, west four homes, covers an area of 13,200 square meters. The main building are 80 meters wide and deep, flat square. Building structure using the lift beam, hard mountain fire-blocking gable. Overall a three-three -way tip of the Kowloon Tong hatchback laid to six homes eight Gallery interspersed with each other. Strict symmetrical layout, spacious and prioritize. In dealing with the building, to the central axis of the main line, between the two sides to the low side, Gallery enclosed veranda, bring out the spirit of the majestic main hall, forming a neat aspect but highlight the main configuration Bureau. Building surrounded by a brick wall, forming an enclosed within an open architecture outside groups, Guangzhou tour is typical of the Guangdong Folk hall building.

Chen Clan Academy, with its exquisite decoration process known to the world, it is widely used in building wood, stone, brick, pottery, plaster, murals and other different styles of cast-iron and copper craft decoration. Both concise and extensive carving techniques, there are crafted, mutual reflection care, make college revealed in solemn grandeur of elegant. Chen College of woodcarving. The largest number, is also a large -scale, content -rich. Head first into the door frame carved beams, the Queen Mother 's birthday, Jian Shi Alliance, Watson public dispute helm and other stories based on the history and folklore of woodcarving. One of the most prominent is the Three Kingdoms Cao banquet Dongjak Taiwan group, depicting Cao copper bird sitting on the table watching each school field generals contest next scene, highlighting Xu Huang and Xu Chu scored in the contest for Jin gowns and compete inextricably scene, the characters lively and vivid, fascinating.

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