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Home >> Shanhua Temple travel information and tour

Shanhua Temple

Shanhua TempleShanhua commonly known as South Temple, located in the west of Datong City in the south gate, is a national key cultural relics protection units, built in the Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan between, he called Kaiyuan Temple, Puente Temple. The temple covers an area larger courtyard Lichtung, magnificent architecture. Temple faces south, aligned along the axis of the order, the first of the gate, the gate located at the forefront of good Temple, also known as the main entrance door on both sides of a plastic statue of four kings. For the Third Temple, the high was at the back of the main hall, which is about what side hall, on the west side of the house Fugen unique style.

Main Hall of the largest temples but Shanhua, before the platform, has about three hundred second floor. Basilica Miankuo 7, deep into five, China Datong tour inside the middle there are five parties for statues, arranged in order from east to west : A flash Oriental Buddha, South Po Sang Buddha Vairocana central, western Amitabha, the Buddha northern subtle smell. Station on the east and west sides brick hall set twenty-four statues heavens, look different, distinctive character. West hall, on the south walls, there are twenty-five years to the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi forty-seven painted murals contents are Buddhist stories.

Third Temple is a temple Shanhua Temple, built in the Jin Dynasty days will be to imperial system between. On the front of the altar for the Flower Adornment Sam three statues of Buddha, for Buddha, West Samantabhadra, east of Manjushri, hence this temple called the Third Temple. Fugen Court, Miankuo three, into the deep three, but a three nine two- storeyed pavilion square, high towering stand of the monastery, built in the Jin Dynasty Zhenyuan years. Ride west to east pavilion, pavilion built wooden ladder that Gordon House overlooking.

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