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Home >> Hengshan Mountain travel information and tour

Hengshan Mountain

Hengshan MountainHengshan Mountain person Beiyue, and Dongyue Taishan, Huashan Mountain, Hengshan, Songshan and called the Five Sacred Mountains. Hengshan is the Haihe River and tributaries Sangganhe Hutuohe watershed. China Datong tours to Hengshan Mountain, known as the 108 peak, things stretches 150 kilometers across Shanxi, Hebei provinces. It Yanmenguan West title, east across the Taihang Mountains, south barrier Shanxi, north bird's-eye view of cloud, on behalf of the two states, luxuriant, lie stuffed, standing up towering, imposing.

Hengshan Mountain peak, living in Hunyuan County South, 2016.8 meters above sea level, the highest in the high mountains of the Five Sacred Mountains. Hengshan Mountain in Taoism famous through the ages, in order to attract visitors to the odd risk. Hengshan Mountain, known as the purple mountain, constant cases, Changshan, known as man-day North pillar, absolutely stuffed mountain. According to legend, four thousand years ago, Emperor Shun Hunting Quartet, came to Hengshan Mountain, see here steep mountains, Feng Qi rise steeply, then seal Hengshan Mountain for Beiyue. Qin Shi Huang, the mountains toward the closure of the world 12, has been promoted as the world second Hengshan Mountain Mountain. Historically, the Qin and Han, Tang Zong, SONG Zu, have to Hengshan Mountain patrol memorial. Later emperors, almost all poor envoy to Hengshan Mountain pilgrimage. Masters history, bachelor, such as Li Bai, Chia Tao, wen, Xu, who also toured Hengshan Mountain resort and leave Hengshan chant psalms.

Western Han Dynasty, Hengshan Mountain was built temples. Now fly caves inside the main temple is built in the Northern Wei Dynasty, and after Tang, Jin, Yuan rebuilt ancient buildings. Ming and Qing Hengshan Mountain already living temple complex, large-scale, known as the three Temple Temple nine four pavilions, seven eight holes twelve palace temple. Hengshan Mountain, Taoist activities as long. According to legend, Zhang Guo old Chinese legend of the ancient Taoist immortal one is eight holes in Hengshan Mountain seclusion Qianxiu. Hengshan Mountain in the United States and seeking views known, has always been said that the King of Hengshan Mountain 18. Xu Ming Dynasty after the travel tour Hengshan Mountain, the entry in Hengshan Mountain's knowledge, Xu Travels in.

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