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Home >> Hanging Temple tours and travel guide

Hanging Temple

Hanging TempleMonastery, located at the foot of Hengshan in Hunyuan hanging on Dragon Gorge west cliffs within five kilometers south of the city. Since ancient times, there has been listed as the first spectacle Hengshan. Monastery was originally called Xuan Kong Pavilion, is to take the Taoist mysterious, the Buddhist empty, named after the shape pavilion, later known as the Monastery, is because of hanging homophonic with mysterious, and the monastery like hanging on the cliff and a half, customarily referred to as the Monastery.

The entire temple, upload cliff, overlooking the valley, according to the back rock niches, Simen south west is positive. The whole temple is a wooden frame structure, in accordance with the principles of mechanics, half inserted beam base, the pretext of dark rocks, beams and down one, Gallery bar so tightly linked. Only 152.5 square meters of area has a size of 40 houses. The overall layout of the Monastery to the temple, Buddhist temple, the temple, among the three Buddha, Tai Temple, Temple, Drum Tower, Bell Tower, Garan Temple, has ever been Guanyin Hall, Ksitigarbha Buddha Temple, the Buddhist goddess outlook Temple, Buddhism Buddha temple, Leiyin Hall, sanguandian, Chunyang Palace, cliff, three religions temple, five Buddhist temple and so on.

Monastery not only looks thrilling, exotic, spectacular, building construction is also distinctive, in the form of colorful eaves forShan, eaves, canopies triple junction structure has a lift masts beam structure, flat structure, brackets structure, the roof has a positive ridges, vertical ridges, ridge closure, barren. The overall appearance, clever structure macro system, many piles, resulting in a cave floor, floor in the hole, banbishan banbishan cave temple floor, even cave temple, even the floor of the house a unique style, a blend of both the art of landscape architecture , yet the pattern of traditional architecture.

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