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Home >> Zhongshan Park travel information and trip

Zhongshan Park

Zhongshan ParkDalian Zhongshan Park is located in the eastern part of Shahekou District of Dalian City, covers an area of 11.3 square meters. The site of a small hill, called Liu Tuen in Dalian Kanto states belonging to the Japanese occupation era, the Japanese colonial authorities to commemorate the Japanese Crown Prince Shotoku, in the hills east side of Prince Shotoku built a church, a wooden statue dedicated to holiness. The proposed construction of the hill for holiness park, but the park is not built in Japan will surrender. Government of People's Republic of China after the liberation of Dalian in the reconstruction of the hill to the park.

Dalian trip to Zhongshan Park is the first area includes fitness activities, natural landscape areas and cultural landscape areas open ecosystem Forest Park. Park covers an area of 113,000 square meters, the new Northeast region only a 1 km long jogging path and five landscape with 15 cultural events fitness area, two in Forest Landscape Area and three personal files landscapes, garden nearly 20 styles of forest trails through the various scenic link.

Green is the main color transformation after the Zhongshan Park, the park total new planting various trees and tree, in cherry, fir and other ornamental trees and 70 kinds of more than 20,000 plants, so park green area reached 102,000 square meters, so that the various activities are surrounded by greenery.

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