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Home >> Snake Island travel guide

Snake Island

Snake IslandSnake Island is located on the northwest corner of Dalian Port Arthur area of Bohai Bay, the sea, and Port Arthur Dong mound village across the sea from the nearest land is 7 knots. Around Snake Island waters about 30 meters deep, the island is about 1,500 meters and a width of 800 meters, with a total area of 1.2 square kilometers . Currently, the island survive 1.8 million of single species saxatilis viper, viper called the Kingdom .

Snake Island is one of the island's famous odd, as a national nature reserve. Its terrain southwest, northeast low, was abalone shell-like, a total of seven ridge eight ditch. Peak elevation of 216.9 meters, surrounded by more cliffs, bare rock, only the southeast corner there is a pebble beach . The island Goushen steep, deep soil, loose structure, more natural crevices and caves, becoming viper shelter earning a good environment . Lush over the island, more than 200 species . Lin Cong, caves, ridge, valley of the shadow, etc., are saxatilis viper activities of the place. Saxatilis viper snakes and there are two other kinds of differences: one for aestivation, two of viviparous . It is said that a year after the first pregnancy had only one, to be several years before the birth . Spring and autumn are viper feeding season, a large number of migratory birds become snakes kill prey.

Before the Snake Island, Dalian tour to Snake Island can first visit to the Natural History Museum, learn something about the situation and viper Snake Island ecological situation . For safety, the landing must be organized, you need to Laotieshan Nature Reserve Management Office formalities. Landing subject to seasonal, weather, wizards and many other factors, but on the island there is a certain degree of risk, are not ready to be landed on the island to visit.

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