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Home >> Lushun Electric Rock Fort sightseeing guide

Lushun Electric Rock Fort

Lushun Electric Rock FortElectric rock fort is located in Dalian Lushun Port Arthur area southwest navy Ying Town Village Temple, electric rock fort east of the western end of the installation of a light path largest, longest-range searchlight for night surveillance of the sea port Lushun. Light reflected onto the rock cliff, issued faint light, like a rock, like discharge, so called "electric rock fort."

There emplacements three electric rock fort. It's southeast and southwest respectively, small and large case case Fort Hill Fort Hill, Dalian tours is the focus of the Lushun Qing West line of defense. There are 160 meters south of the fort built long hidden part, there are 26 cement structure has five arched windows facing north door, back fort has four underground passage, 32.5 meters long underground passage west side, 2.5 meters wide and 3.49 meters high. Several artillery fort prepared on the door.

1898, Russia occupy Dalian City, where the construction of a concrete bunker-meter long tunnel. Five coastal artillery installation above the door, defensive sea lanes. Cliffs east and west ends have searchlights, looking north from the sea at night, under the searchlight of light reflected, as if the rock light, hence the name "electric rock fort." 1904 Russo-Japanese War, and here is the key Shae Hai defense line. Because of the mountain advantageous terrain concealment, although artillery bombardment, still well preserved. Published in July 1985 for the municipal units.

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