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Home >> Discovery Kingdom Theme Park tourist information

Discovery Kingdom Theme Park

Discovery Kingdom Theme ParkDiscovery Kingdom theme park is located on the Dalian Golden Pebble Beach National Holiday Resort in Pebble Beach ten Gold Coast, has been involved in the Disney parks designed by the American company planning and design, full of exotic, with two dozen high-level and medium-sized entertainment project, the Northeast region 's premier amusement theme park.

Found in the huge square Kingdom theme park, a variety of bright clothing cartoon characters, roller coaster, energy crisis, big pendulum, put on a large ax, badly, space shuttle, rainforest drift, sweeping into other recreational facilities, daily timing wonderful parade, China Dalian tours theater performances...... and so on, and there are restaurants, lodging, shops, postal, banking and other tourist service facilities.

Kingdom theme park entertainment found inside a ring distribution, the start and end of the park entrance discovery Square. Found a beautiful fountain in the square middle of the street, around the " town " and " street" full of European architectural styles. Discovery Kingdom has a central location, lake, Lake Central magnificent castles and beautiful castle will be fireworks at night.

Discovery Kingdom theme park is divided into six theme parks, the town was crazy, mysterious deserts, metal factories, Enchanted Forest, the legendary castle, wedding halls, there are signs within each park rides, enough to let visitors play to have fun.

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