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Home >> Binhai National Geological Park tour information

Binhai National Geological Park

Binhai National Geological ParkThe core area of Dalian Binhai National Geopark is located in the territory of the Dalian Golden Pebble Beach National Resort District, total area of 64.50km2. Divided into three parts, Five Gardens of the Rose Garden, Dinosaur Park, South Sau Yuen, Ao Beach Park, stone garden Geological Museum Hall of the Gold Coast scenic, the eastern scenic and city hills scenic. The sunny beaches of the Gold Coast, the eastern the sedimentary structures scenic ruins, the city hills sea erosion, is a coast with geological and sea erosion mainly stratotype section, fossils and typical geological structure Relic supplemented with marine life and embraced the cultural landscape, a the magnificent recreational park by the gods of nature sculpture.

China Dalian tour to Binhai National Geologic Park is the core area of the Golden Pebble Beach, As a national 5A class tourist resort, the Golden Pebble Beach by virtue of the unique mountain landforms coast, the reef morphology Wonderful beach, rocks, fossils, spread in reputation of civil Rose beauty myths and legends, doing my part of the "occupied" the "the Tiangong miracle", the solidification of the animal world "," Divine sculpture Park, "Natural geological Museum" many. Garden stones are formed in 8-6 billion years Sinian Cambrian geology and geomorphology, sedimentary rock, and a large number of fossils row upon row, creating epigraphy Park, Rose Garden, Dinosaur Park, South Sau Yuen, Ao Beach Park and other five natural scenic, nearly 100 spots, the attitude of thousands, lifelike. Shapes of the natural landscape from west to east the word "the stone monkey view of the sea", "Dinosaur Goes to Sea," Mirs wings, "Beethoven Avatar", "hedgehog foraging", "crab will be out of its hole" ... row the open, Tianzaodeshe, talent.

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