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Home >> Three Pagodas Cultural Tourism Zone travel guide

Three Pagodas

Three Pagodas Cultural Tourism Zone Three Pagodas in Dali city, about one kilometer. Dali attraction in. Is known as a symbol of Dali ancient culture.

The Three Pagodas main Taming Jiao Chihiro tower, 69.13 meters high, square 16 layer Miyan Shi tower with Tang Dynasty typical building, Small Wild Goose Pagoda and Xi'an. Tower looking up, saw the tower Jinchu cloud, cloud shift tower in seems to be the trend of dumping. The base of the tower was a square, divided into three layers, the lower side length of 33.5 meters, surrounded by a stone fence, the four corners of the stigma of the bar carved lions; upper side length of 21 meters, the eastern middle of the stone screen wall, on Qian Parks Mu world order theme Yongjhen mountains four characters, China Dali tour solemn and magnificent, quite boldness. Three towers next to the original scale harm ambitious Chong Sheng Temple. According to historical records, "of Nanzhao unofficial" (Houben this), "White ancient Tung Kee" Temple-based parties, the holy man Li Cheng brow Sage build three towers, housing 890 11400 Buddha copper 40,590 pounds, was built The in Nanzhao tenth master Feng Bao decades to apocalyptic reign (AD 834 to 840), and labor 708000 I, 43,514 pounds of gold and silver brocade cloth rungra value gold consumption. The 1925 earthquake, the top of the earthquake, the top of the tower crashing to Broken beneficial weight. After 1949, as the nation's cultural relics protection units in three towers, and careful maintenance.

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