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MuseumDali Bai Autonomous Prefecture of Dali Museum is located on the 8th Shimonoseki er Henan Road, was founded in 1986, is the first built in Yunnan Province, State Museum. Dali State Museum covers an area of 50 acres, the museum total area of 8,800 square meters, the exhibition area of 4600 square meters flat, green area of 14,000 square meters, four-fifths of the total area of public space, in full compliance with the new design standards in today's world. With a symmetrical layout of the building forms the central axis of the door, stone arch bridge, living room, screen wall and the central hall to wait for the pattern of the temple 's tower, connected to the promenade between imposing magnificent show with the hospital. The basic building materials and decorative techniques according to the requirements of Bai traditional process, highlighting the strong local ethnic style. The entire building seamless, with the surrounding pines and cypresses, green Ye Hongying each other, Bai itself is a huge architectural landscape.

Dali State Museum is a historical heritage Nanzhao Dali period is the focus. Bronze, ceramic and stone art is subject to the Bai ethnic folk featuring local comprehensive museum ; are engaged in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture heritage survey, excavation, collection, collection, exhibition, research centers institutions. When only 10 years to build a museum, but the collection has taken shape, has a total of historical relics, ethnic heritage, and revolutionary relics and other information such as marble boutique collection of more than 7,000, many of them unique museum of rare treasures, such as the Warring States Period Yunnan Dali tour deadline drums, bells, cast stone Fan, horse patterns on copper ax, Western Han Jin Dynasty paddy model, pottery house, pottery, pottery horses and a variety of Ming, a period of Nanzhao Dali a lofty yeah Guanyin, Maitreya, the day Wang Lishi different texture and diamond Jiang Mochu Buddhist statues, towers die, Dali wrote the scriptures, yuan and Ming porcelain and marble natural painted boutique peacock, Monkey born and so on.

A total of 12 exhibition halls display, including eight long-term exhibition hall, they were bronze relics, Nanzhao Dali relics, stone Nanzhao Dali Art Exhibition, Nanzhao Dali painting relics, ceramic exhibition, marble fine display, Dali exhibition Historic modern revolutionary, Bai folk display and so on. These show the wealth of special colored marble history and culture. State Museum Dali Autonomous Prefecture has become an important window opening and conduct of the people of historical materialism, dialectical materialism, patriotic education positions, was named as one of the country national patriotism education bases in one hundred pupils. Dali is an important tourist attraction.

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