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Home >> Jihong Bridge travel guide and tours

Jihong Bridge

Jihong BridgeFerry has built a bamboo rope suspension bridge Nanzhao, Ming Chenghua period (AD 1465-1487) rebuilt iron chain suspension bridge. Today the chain bridge to the Qing Emperor Kangxi two years (AD 1681) built the dynasty years rebuilt. Engraved with Southwest First Bridge, lock and key days of the South and the inscription on the bridge Putuo rock. Ji Xu Qiao was hailed as a great traveler, As of West throat, golden Yunnan Dali tours can not change it, in the architectural history of the bridge has an important position.

North and south about the floor, both ends of the building wicket, Li tax card; Bank bridge has bunkers, Riverside brief risk, a great man guards the pass, Wan Fu Mo open trend. Bearing end chain 16, arranged in the form of 2,4,4,4,2, and another two for handrails on each side in about 30 height of about 1.5 meters of cable and iron bars outside the bottom rope handrails between the link up to form the railing like. Bottom about every 6 meters have an iron splints, the 16 foundation cable lock, upper horizontal plate, with a lead wire tied on chains, between the plates, then nails and wood and grip firmly. Built in a semicircle on both sides of the pier, and the chains on both sides of the bridge in two riveting die on stage, in the West Bank as a disciple cliff on the east coast is steep peak, here is the surging river, is very advantageous. Both ends of the bridge built Qiaoting Customs House. Cliff has an old roadside foot iron pickets, the top was mushroom-shaped, about 80 cm above the ground, a circumference of about 72 cm. According to legend, the Ming Department boat column.

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