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Home >> Wushan Little Three Gorges travel information and tours

Wushan Little Three Gorges

Little Three GorgesWushan Little Three Gorges clear water rushing peaks and towering verdant trees, monkeys sound bursts, river rapids must, birds swirls form a wonderful and moving natural landscape gallery. There are secret kept through the ages of the Palestinian People Lived puzzling and fascinating ancient plank road, authentic and intact, delicate and rustic Dachang Town, constitute a vice memorable cultural landscape. All, form small beautiful exotic canyon scenery of the Three Gorges to become wonderful tourist destination, known as "China wonders, superb view of the world.

Wushan Small Three Gorges of the Daning River originates Pingli County, Shaanxi Province, Nanshan, flows through the high mountains and the size of the canyon, all the way to accommodate hundreds of rivers, clear stream through the cliffs between Wuxi, Wushan, Xianfeng injected the Wu Gorge Nishiguchi The vast Yangtze. Daning River varied and mysterious past long hidden silent in recent years due to the development of China's tourism industry, which burst on the scene the real capacity of that blockbuster. Praising its "not the Three Gorges, China tour of Chongqing is worth the Three Gorges", "God men die with him, amazing carry. The Daning River Longmen Gorge the iron coffin Gorge and Dicui, Gap collectively, it is the essence of the Daning River scenery. Small the Three Gorges South from Wushan County, North Tai Cheong town, a total length of about 60 km.

Three Gorges both the spectacular Three Gorges, and both beautiful Lijiang River, the canyon on both sides of the valley the Strip Cuizhu Yiyi, while the distribution of large tracts of wild banana forest plants of the dinosaur era "living fossil" Cyathea growth which constitute a very beautiful eco-adventure tour scenic spots; many peaks above natural self into many sunken into the site, it is a great choice of places for climbers, one asked, here really held several times climbing game; Lions hope to date, the beetles hope bat wings, the Mo a statue, but Miao Wei Qiao attractions visitors, not when provoked bursts surprise voices. Visit the Small Three Gorges, is generally embarkation port from the edge of the Daning River in Wushan County the (multiplicative content of more than 20 tour boat driven by a diesel engine), against the current, into the Longmen Gorge, Misty Gorge, to Dicui, then turn back.

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