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Home >> Jinyun Temple travel information and tours

Jinyun Temple

Jinyun TempleJinyun Mountain is a 1500 years of history of Buddhist resort. Jinyun Mountain Monastery, founded in the first year of the Southern Liu Song Jingping ( 423 years ), after he called"Acacia Temple","Chong Sheng Temple,""Chong teach Temple", bestowed by the emperors. Ancient temple school, named"Jinyun College."There are existing temple Taizong reading over 24 by the Vatican. Siwai stone Zhaobi"Pig of the Dragon"relief for Six artifacts. Another unearthed stone bust of King afterimage, Chongqing tours rumored beam or the Northern Zhou Dynasty works.

Jinyun Temple"Jinyun eight Temple"in the well-preserved temples, located in Jinyun Mountain Lion Peak and poly Yunfeng, seat WNW to the southeast, with a total area of 2,000 square meters. Since Jin Liu Song Jingping first year ( AD 423 ) Temple, since its 1500 years of history. Tang emperor Li Yuan ( 618 years ) had personally Title"Zen Mamiya,"Tang Dazhong first year ( 847 years ), Xuanzong Huang Dici Temple was"Love Temple", the Department of Acacia rock mountains, bamboo Acacia, Acacia birds the rules. Kang Qian Fu first year ( 874 years ), will be rebuilt temple Franciscan monk, presided over 971 years of heavy Da Hui Huan Zen temples. 998, Shinshu Song Taizong read the Vatican sent here by the 240 volumes, worshiped in this temple. Song Jingde four years, Shinshu given name"Chong Sheng Temple,"Emperor Ming emperor Yongle five imperial decree"Jinyun shengjing"Skyway Ming Dynasty ( 1462 ) Hidemune emperor kicked name"Chong teach Temple", Wanli thirty emperor Shen ordered instead of Jinyun Temple, thanks to title"Kassapa dojo."The beginning of the end of the Ming Dynasty, and the temple was destroyed by fire. Legend was because the temple monks, rampant neighbors, local people hate human bone, while Sichuan Chang Hsien-chung, the mob burned down the mountain a torch Temple, the existing temple main hall, the floor and the statues of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi two years ( 1683 ) chaired by the piercing monk repaired. Yongzheng years ( 1724 ) ; Mingsian monks built the temple in the temple side of the emperor.

Jinyun Mountain in front of the Temple of Kassapa temple stone arch, built in the Ming Dynasty. There are birds and other patterns, the Church preserved relatively intact. A pair of stone Fangqian Leo, 1.7 meters high. Stone arch stone wall as before. Bluestone relief. Aspect are 4 meters. Stone pattern elegant simplicity, the middle of banana unicorn figure, under which is a white elephant Leo relief, as medieval relics. Acacia rock carved in Jinyun Temple east 200 meters, cutting in Songyuan three years ( AD 1088 ), statues and relics shrine located in 12 meters long, 8 meters high from the ground one meter of rock, horizontal arrangement of eight relics tower niches. Octagonal well in Jinyun Temple south 60 meters, built in the Southern Song Dynasty, had been repaired so far can be used ; shale wells for the stone, octagonal spring and throughout the year does not dry up."Jinyun Chi"in mind when the line of champion Song Feng Temple in Jinyun reading lectures frequently in this wash, brush, it is also known to wash the ink tank.

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