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Home >> Furong River travel information and trip

Furong River

Furong RiverChongqing Furong Wulong County in Chongqing City Jiangkou Town, Wujiang River is the largest tributary of the Yangtze tributary, ancient Yangshui, also known as Pangu River, originates in Suiyang County in Guizhou plateau, the Wuchuan, is safe, genuine and Sichuan Road Pengshui, Wulong County, Chongqing jiankouzhen injection Wujiang River, 226 km long flow.

Furongjiang Chongqing municipal level scenic area, scenic area of 122.5 square kilometers. Pleasant riverside spa temperature, water quality, skin diseases, rheumatism, has an excellent effect, it is a good place for leisure and convalescence. Blue river, spotlessly clean. Furongjiang of fish, tender and delicious, local specialties, famous. Nearby cultural landscape Sun loudly prime minister Tang tomb, clear Li jingshi hometown rock tomb inscriptions, Chiang Ching-kuo Republican warlord site, the Eastern Han Dynasty tombs and so on.

Chihiro steep cliff, cliffs confrontation into the clouds, Pinnacle mountain woodlands, Chongqing trip of waterfalls flow of the seasons, rare birds and animals everywhere, weed miscellaneous colorful flowers. Furong River rafting thrills, drift away more than 10 km, which lasted two hours, a total of more than 10 wells by the size of the rapids, take rubber boats in the river, a sudden and devastating sense of near misses fun, he said. When The river gentle, clear water as a mirror, reflect shade dyeing, Pinnacle Peak, a few fish; when waves, the great tide, roaring, waves hit the stone, Xu Fei Stick. On both sides of lush vegetation, waterfalls, monkey birds, truly beautiful. People in boats or sink or float, chasing the waves, hearty, enjoy Feizhou. Online dam there were up to 200 meters two pillars, such as bamboo shoots like the sword, piercing blue sky, spectacular. Coastal caves throughout, most notably the wonders of the world, a national attraction Furong.

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