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Home >> Baoding Mountain tourist information

Baoding Mountain

Baoding MountainBaoding Mountain stone Nationalization of Chinese grotto art, life model. Statues of contents and table tactics have sought to live. Such as filial re a disguised form through Qiuzi, pregnancy, labor, and child-rearing process vivid, touching. Herding up to 30 meters to carve LinQuan mountain streams, mist-shrouded, interspersed ten cows, ten, animal husbandry, lyrics camel reproduction cowherd life. Another example is the flute solo piper Girl ", full of inner joy" chicken woman ", dizzy drink" father and son do not know "," husband and wife did not know, "the brothers did not know", "sister does not know." " drunken Figure "and so on, are all alive. The subtle carving masters experience life accurately reproduce the life, stunning.

Baoding Mountain stone grotto art masterpiece for creative development aspects have. Statues to convincing people, in order to stimulate their creative principle devout believers Dharma. Statues, decoration, layout, drainage, lighting, support, perspective, etc., have paid great attention to beauty of form and the mood of America. Avalokitesvara 1007 hand flexion clutch, scattered mixed like a peacock streamer flashing. This is not only most of Avalokitesvara, China Chongqing tours is also a great spectacle in the world of Buddhist art. Release Jianie like like, also known as the Reclining Buddha, a total length of 31 meters, only to reveal a bust, its composition "intended to pen volts, painting, for the painting" wonderful, giving of hidden beauty.

This is the successful use of Chinese landscape painting limited in to see the infinite this traditional aesthetic thought of. Hell in disguise niches carved eerie eighteen layers of hell; Ma Tau face grim and powerful, suffer call heaven No. manner; knife, sawing, pan, Ice, Feitang riddled torture appalling, shocking. Dozens of statues Yuanjue cave carved works fine, silky clothes like silk, carved wooden pedestal resembles. Hole above the open window lighting, direct light cave heart cave light and shade matched, mysterious. Stand tall Kegon three icons By Cliff body leaning forward, avoid perspective distortion, stretch crepe pleated robe, shawl holding elbow, until the foot of the support arm, the Monju in the hands of the trust of the number of kilos Spire calendar Millennium not falling. Cliff Kowloon bath Prince Edward Figure utilize the natural spring, carved in the cliffs above the Kowloon guide spring water to the central Longkou out, trickling springs for many years continue to wash Shakya Prince, added to the school of life to the statues, called local conditions model.

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