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Home >> Longquan Huaguoshan sightseeing information

Longquan Huaguoshan

Longquan HuaguoshanThe Huaguoshan landscape also different elsewhere. Here visitors feast for the eyes, a real treat, they feel intense excitement and joy. Scenic spots open orchards previously had eight, in recent years more and more, visitors can enter the park picking their own fresh fruit taste. The annual peach and peach will, Kai loquat Festival is more lively, Longquan Lake, Baigong weir water activities and more fun compared to urban parks.

Annual Lunar New Year in February, Chengdu residents to go out outing, spring is the best season. Cauliflower fill the fields along the way, but this time the Longquan Mountain peach blossom, Canruo Hongxia, the hills are covered; foot of the mountain into a piece of pear such as snow Spreading earth. Plus various other seasonal flowers, the whole Longquan Mountain spring dress, colorful. Colorful flowers, Chengdu trip visitors such as weaving, making peach event came into being.

During peach will, most distinctive project is run by the family reception center growers who - Farm Paradise, visitors enjoy the scenery tea, entertainment and leisure in the flower farm in rural and more delicious home-cooked meal, eat real green, do not have some fun.

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